NALG is an innovative custom design specialist in the development of turnkey projects using computer-controlled climate systems for organic waste processing systems, manure treatment systems, mushroom composting and growing technology and air purification systems. NALG creates innovative tailored systems to meet every processing need at an affordable budget.

NALG with its technology partners have a combined experience of over 30 years with over 120 plants in operation across the globe and some plants operating since 1980’s. NALG now with support of our innovative partners, design, engineers and builds complete turn key projects with operational support. All our equipment is manufactured  with the highest quality material for ventilation, cooling, heating and humidification systems, measuring equipment and computer control systems.

NALG has been coming up with innovative ideas and is recognised as a reliable partner in the area of composting technology and mushroom cultivation. NALG also offers online, remote and onsite advice and helps clients to achieve their objectives in building complete new composting systems and treating organic waste flows, such as kitchen and garden waste, manure and sewage sludge to local standards. In each project NALG provides professional design and planning services incorporating construction and management teams during the construction on site. Our consultants and technicians are highly experienced real time operators of composting facilities and innovators with over 30 years of experience operating sites and developing adaptable design with advanced technology.

NALG adapted the tunnel technology in mushroom farming industry in Australia and other parts of the globe to compost wheat straw, poultry manure and cotton seed hulls, now with the support of our European technology sharing partners we have designed and developed invessel tunnels to compost organic waste and have few running sites within Australia. NALG derived its technology from its partners who are leading innovation in the Global Waste Processing sector. NALG tunnel systems are now used to treat all kinds of organic waste flows in Australia. NALG being an Australian company and its partners from Europe, as a team we are able to provide 24/7 support to all our projects and this is proven with our valued clients who are supported constantly for service, training and new tender supports, even development approvals including EPA licenses.