On an aerated bed of woodchips or compost cattle can be housed in a very clean and with better animal welfare. An important precondition for that is that the woodchips are constantly biologically kept dry and clean. Moisture has to be evaporated and drained off. GICOM developed for this the Spigotsystem. This aeration system takes care of a very even airdistribution and is also an efficient drainage system.

Urine, manure, sweat and water(vapour) constantly increase moisture levels in a barn. If climate conditions do not allow a constant evaporation, the bedding becomes wet, cools down and becomes a breeding chamber for infectious animal diseases. By spading the wood chips and using the GICOM aeration system on a daily basis, moisture is evaporated and pathogens are biologically killed. A clean and pleasant climate is the result.
GICOM Software and controls take care of a constant optimum setting of the fan(s) that provide the bedding with fresh air.

Moveable aerated floor

For instance for chicken farmers or digestate producers GICOM developed a moveable aerated floor. This aeration system can be placed on top of an existing asphalt or concrete floor. Temperature measurement, software and aeration take care of the efficient biologically drying process. This lowers odours, takes care of evaporation of an important part of the mass and leaves a better marketable product. With aeration more manure can dry on the same surface. Once the floor becomes full, pipes can be removed, the floor can than be emptied so pipes can be easily reinstalled for another batch to be dried.

GICOM builds this system with Wifi control, so the operator can monitor and control the aeration from any location where internet is available. Also weather station can be connected to the system. The moveable aerated floor is supplied by GICOM including temperature probes, fansystem, aeration pipes, controls, software, frequency drives and start up assistance.


Drying Installation for herbs

GICOM creates innovative tailored systems to meet every processing need, like drying herbs. For VNK Herbs in Biddinghuizen, remarkably enough in the same town as our production location, GICOM has designed and produced a complete belt drying installation.

Belt dryer installation and control

At VNK in Biddinghuizen the herbs are dried in a three layer belt dryer. Not only the installation was designed and manufactured by GICOM, the complete computer controlled climate system was also designed and installed by GICOM. Using a newly developed control system, accommodated with GICOM climate control software, it is possible to optimalise the complete drying process.

This has resulted in a premium quality product and succesfull saving of resources (labour and energy).